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26.03.2016 – SCCUK Bedford Autodrome Track Day

Designed from scratch by former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, there is nowhere else in the world like Bedford Autodrome. The venue has been purpose built for speed and space, containing four entirely distinct circuits and over 5 miles of track laid out across a 384 acre site, with vast run-off areas that provide optimum safety.

Whilst there are several track configurations, with every kind or corner, there’s no motor racing at the Autodrome, so there’s no crowd-protecting safety barriers or concrete walls. Guests can drive to the limits safe in the knowledge that pushing too hard will result in a harmless spin across endless flat grass.

This is an open pit lane, circuit available is “GT Circuit”, 4.2 miles in length.

Noise Limits:
Static: 101 dB(A)
Drive By: 87.5 dB(A)

Thurleigh Airfield Business Park,
MK44 2YP.

07:30 Signing On
08:30 Briefing
09:00 Track Time Begins
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Track Time Restarts
17:00 Track Time Ends

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2016 SCCUK Bedford Autodrome Track Day


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