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22.04.2016 – SCCUK Dinner with LOUIS XIII

This is an exclusive event for SCCUK and new friends who would like to meet us.

SCCUK founder & CEO and LOUIS XIII UK Brand Ambassador invite you to a LOUIS XIII Exclusive Diner at Crockfords Casino London.

In case you don’t know LOUIS XIII, a brief history goes a long way…

It is blended from 1200 eaux de vie, from 40 to 100 years old. It is aged in tierçons (oak barrels that are several hundred years old) in its own cellar. On June 15, 2011, the cognac house launched a Jeroboam bottle of Louis XIII.

A bottle of LOUIS XIII usually starts from £2,000, and you will get to taste these at the event.

A Brief Introduction of Crockfords Casino London:

Crockfords, the pinnacle of casinos and clubs in Mayfair. Exclusive casino and private clubs in London is situated in the prestigious area of Mayfair which offers an exclusive gaming involvement in a truly majestic environment.

The modern Crockfords has its origins in the private members gaming club established in 1828 by William Crockford. It was his original vision to create a club of splendour and elegance fit for royalty, diplomats and the aristocratic elite.

Today Crockfords continues its tradition of providing the most elegant, discreet and unique surroundings in which to enjoy first class gaming and dining. Our exceptionally high standards of service and gaming etiquette are second to none with the needs and comfort of our clientele being paramount 24 hours a day.

Dress Code:

Corcktail Attire



Crockfords Casino London – 30 Curzon St, London, W1J 7TN

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