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SCCUK Charity Event – Monaco F1 Garden Party is online!

“It is a best place to watch Formula One Monaco Grand Prix in London!”

—-Agne Kazakauskaite, Founder of Crypto Rally

With the F1 new season in full swing, we have to say that 2019 is one of the most exciting seasons. Leclerc is competing with Vettel as teammates, and Hamilton defends his sixth world champion title. Ricardo drives Renault racing car The bloody battle is inevitable.

Since the Monaco GP has been one of the most important days of the Formula One season, we decided to use this event as the beginning of this summer, with a wonderful music, holding a white party in a beautiful private garden in Regent’s Park.

The event arrangement

Location: Private Place, Regent University, London

Time: 2019-5-26 Sunday



Special Ticket Time – Eve Latil’s Quintalini Yoga + Music Therapy Course


Regular ticket entry time


BBQ Starts


Live performance by classical composers Olga Thomas and Bassel Hariri


Live of Monaco GP


Charity sweepstakes


Live performance by DJ NINJA

(On-site requirements: dressed in white dress)

(The entry time varies depending on the admission, please pay attention when purchasing)


Entry time varies according to different admissions, please pay attention when purchasing ⚠️

All of SCCUK’s income will be donated to OFund to support children in poor areas of the country.

We will show a series of supercars in the front parking lot of the lawn, and all proceeds from the day’s sweepstakes will be passed to the Princess Tessy’s Professor Without Borders charity..

The event was organised by the Sports Car Club UK(SCCUK), Regents Racing, Ofund, Figaroo, Crypto Rally and the De Broadbandt Foundation.

SCCUK not only represents the passion for sports cars, but also an ideal lifestyle.

Founded in 2010, SCCUK has grown from being a small group of sports car enthusiasts to one of the most active sports car clubs of the day.

We are also one of the most well-known and influential organisations in the UK today. The management team consists of British professionals, entrepreneurs and top university students.

We work with sports car manufacturers and different luxury brands to promote car clubs and partners in the UK and China.

SCCUK is committed to organising customised gatherings and social events for members and fans, and holding different charity events to help the community.

The event’s F1 Garden Party in Monaco, co-organised with Regents Racing, unites these high-end people who are passionate about sports cars. These people have innovative entrepreneurs, astronauts, competitive athletes, artists and future family business leaders.

Special ambassador 


Co-operative Partners





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