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SCCUK 英国跑车俱乐部

Our Goals

down-to-earth, innovative, and establish a professional, high-end UK based sports car club with rich local characteristics.

Sports Car Club UK (SCCUK)

SCCUK’s brand today not only represents passion for sports car, but also become a desirable way of living.

SCCUK was established in 2010, by a small group of sports car enthusiasts, gradually developed and became one of the most active sports car club.

We are also one of the best recognised, and most influential organisations in the UK/China today.

Management team consists of professionals, entrepreneurs, and top tier students in the UK.

We work closely with sports car manufacturers, as well as partnership with major luxury brands to promote car club and partners in the UK and China.

SCCUK is committed to organise exclusive driving and special events for members, followers, and also promote charitable activities to help return to the community.

Please check out our joining criteria and welcome to join us!